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Since it first considered the production of kids programs, Harf has aimed at providing the constructive entertainment aspect in the life of Muslim kids. Harf developed Rashid Games program, which includes a collection of quality games that accompany the child in a world of enjoyment, and at the same time develop his sense of acute observation, concentration, intelligence and mental faculties that play an important role in the intellectual upbringing of children, giving entertainment a new dimension rather than only amusement and pastime.

The games include:

Intelligence games: such as the Maze, the Flying Balls, the Thinking Mind, the Gears, the Memory Challenger, the Numbers Challenger, the Wandering Insect, and the Disk Riddle.

Observation games:

such as the Jigsaw Puzzle, the Idol Terminator, the Fisherman, the Bee in Danger, the Flying Eggs, the Deer Hunter, the Birds Hunter and the Information Hunter.

The Maze:

In this game the player has to overcome obstacles scattered about in the passages of the maze. The obstacles are represented in snakes that glide about in the corridors of the maze, in addition to missiles hurled against the player, which he should escape in order to safely reach the key and get out of the maze.

The player should escape all the obstacles in order to get to the target safely. The higher the level of the game, the more difficult the obstacles.

The player should get nourishment in order to immunize himself against snakes. Touching either the snakes or the missiles means that the player will lose an attempt and will have to try again.

The Terminator of Idols:

In this game the player will be required to shoot the idols with his gun to break them before they could destroy him with their missiles. The higher the level of the game, the more difficult. In advanced levels, the number of missiles will increase to a degree that may destroy the player's gun; thus he loses the attempt and tries again.

The Bee in Danger:

In this game the player should touch the flying flowers to increase his score and should evade the clouds; for touching them means that he will lose points from his score.

In order to move to a higher level, the user should score 300 points. On passing to the second level, the user will find a bad locust that shoots arrows at him in order to weaken his strength. The user should dodge the arrows as well as the body of the locust, to evade being weakened or even losing the attempt altogether.

Memory Challenger:

This game depends on the strength of the player's memory. The game displays a sequence of steps and asks the player to repeat the steps in the same proper sequence. The higher the level of the game, the more difficult.

The Flying Eggs:

In this game the bats will hasten to catch the eggs of the flying bird before the player. The player will have a gun to shoot the bird in order to get his egg. The Player should be careful while shooting the bird; he should not shoot when it is mingled with a number of bats. Missing the target means that the player will lose a bullet and will give the bats the chance to get the eggs before they reach him.

The Fisherman:

In this game the player will be required to catch as many fish as he can. The player should take care of the lobster, he should pull up his fishing line before the lobster passes, which may pull it down, leaving the player unable to catch fish, in which case he should start a new game.

The higher the level of the game, and the more fish the player catches, the more difficult the game and the speedier the chase of the lobster.

The program runs under Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME and XP.

ألعاب رشيد 

وضعت حرف في اعتبارها -منذ توجهها لبرامج الأطفال- الجانب الترفيهي الهادف في حياة الطفل، فخصصت هذا البرنامج ليضم مجموعة متميزة من الألعاب التي يعيش الطفل من خلالها في عالم من المتعة، في الوقت الذي تعمل فيه على رفع قدرته على التركيز وقوة الملاحظة وتنمية الذكاء والمهارات العقلية التي تلعب دورًا مهمًا وحيويًا في التنشئة الذهنية للطفل ، وهذا يعطي للترفيه بعدًا آخر غير التسلية أو قتل الوقت

البرنامج يخلو من أي تصوير يخالف الشريعة الإسلامي

وقد تمت مراجعته من قبل الأزهر الشريف

يعمل البرنامج تحت نوافذ: 95، 98، 2000، Me 

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