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 Fatawa Ibn TaymiyaFatawa Ibn Taymiya - فتاوى ابن تيميةAcheter en ligne sur IqraShop.com

Répond aux problèmes les plus compliqués quant aux successions conformément aux quatre écoles juridico-religieuses et les lois de 6 pays arabes. Explique les règles et les termes de l'héritage. Présente un service avancé et efficace au profit des gouvernements légaux et des bureaux de conseillers juridiques puisqu'il répartit la succession entre ses ayants part dans quelques minutes (Disponible en arabe uniquement).

يحتوي على مجموعة الكتب والرسائل التي أجاب فيها الإمام ابن تيمية على الأسئلة والقضايا التي ظهرت في عصره والتي لا تزال من بين القضايا الساخنة المثار حولها الكثير من الجدل. ويقدم البرنامج فهرسة علمية وإمكانات بحث نصي وموضوعي وفقهي وكذا نصوص إحالة للموضوعات المشابهة في أنحاء البرنامج. والبرنامج متوافر باللغة العربية فقط

Comprehensive Collection of the Fatwas Issued by Imam Ibn Taimiah

Due to his wide knowledge and sincerity in the cause of Islam, Imam Ibn Taimiah captures the hearts of all Muslims and is held in high status. Owing to its desire to present the heritage of this great scholar, Harf Information Technology has developed this program. The program provides Ibn Taimiah's views of the important issues and questions which were raised during his lifetime, and in which most Muslims remain interested until the present time.

Includes all books and booklets in which Imam Ibn Taimiah provided answers to many questions that rose during his time and which are still hot issues of concern. The program provides scholarly indexing, textual, thematic and juristic search facilities, as well as links to related topics. (Arabic Only).

  • Covers thirty-five volumes (totaling more than 17,000 pages), 60 treatises, and two thousand Fatwas through which Ibn Taimiah provided legal opinions concerning many important issues. All resources are supplemented with the following features: Displays the Fatwa text fully diacritized, classified according to references, parts and page numbers based on the edition of King Fahd Complex - Provides a separate section to display books and treatises included in the complete Fatwas.
  • Provides scholarly indexing of juristic items, making each of them a search item. The indexes include: Evidence: lists Qur'anic verses, Prophetic Hadiths, sayings attributed to the Prophet's Companions, consensus among Muslim Jurists, analogy ... etc. - Question: includes topics on Jurisprudence, Principles of Jurisprudence, Faith, Exegesis, and Manners and Morals - Prominent Figures: lists all men, women, jurists, places mentioned in the entire program - References: includes references on Jurisprudence, Principles of Jurisprudence, and Exegesis ... etc. - Scholarly Benefits: lists all poetic verses, proverbs, and aphorisms included in the program.
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